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GIS dissertation help

Written by :

Professor of English, Comparative Literature, Media at Harvard University

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2023

“GIS Dissertation Help: Navigating the Challenges of Geographic Information Systems Research

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have many uses in urban planning, environmental management, and public health. This discipline is quickly expanding. However, finishing a dissertation might be challenging for students pursuing a degree in GIS. This essay will offer some practical advice for overcoming the difficulties of conducting GIS dissertation research.

Digital elevation model in ArcGIS research paper writing

Digital elevation model of a urban area. GIS product made after proccesing aerial pictures taken from a drone. It shows city area with roads, junctions and suburbs

Pick a subject that is both manageable and pertinent.

There are innumerable potential themes and topics in the broad realm of GIS. It’s critical to pick a manageable topic in terms of breadth and resources pertinent to your field of study. Consider focusing your research on a more specialized area after establishing a specific query or issue that interests you.


Become familiar with the literature.

It’s crucial to become familiar with the body of research on your issue before you start your own. You will better comprehend the status of the field’s knowledge and spot gaps in the literature that your study can fill.


Recognize the GIS’s technical components.

GIS is very technical, so it’s crucial to comprehend the technical details of the tools and procedures you will employ in your research. Before starting your dissertation research, consider enrolling in a GIS course or workshop.


Consult a mentor.

Throughout the dissertation process, having a mentor with research and GIS expertise can be very beneficial. You can get advice and criticism on your research from a mentor who can also guide you through any logistical or technological difficulties you might encounter.


Look for assistance and resources.

Academic libraries, trade associations, and internet discussion boards are just a few tools available to GIS students for their dissertation research. Feel free to ask for assistance and support if you need it.


To sum up, writing a GIS dissertation might be difficult, but with the correct strategy and assistance, it can also be a gratifying and rewarding experience. You can successfully overcome the difficulties of GIS dissertation research by selecting a pertinent and manageable topic, being familiar with the literature, comprehending the technical components of GIS, working with a mentor, and looking for resources and help.”


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